The DevOps Writing Contest: Round 5 Results Announced!

1 Feb 2024

Welcome to another results announcement of the DevOps Writing Contest, hosted by Aptible and HackerNoon. Kudos to everyone who has participated in this contest! Your active participation has made this contest a success, and it helps us bring more sponsored tags with more prizes for the HackerNoon community.

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Without further ado, let’s see who won.

The DevOps Writing Contest: Round 5 Finalists

🏆And the Winners Are

drumroll, please

The story that has taken the first place with 33% of the votes is:

“Today, DevSecOps is no longer some newfangled trend you can safely do without. In today's conditions, process practices are mandatory for everyone who has something to do with software development. It is only important to decide how much to implement them. No tool is a bullet, so when implementing it, it is important to think about people and the existing processes of the company, as well as about the possibilities of their interaction with each other.”

Congratulations @goal23, you have won $1500 !!

In the second place, we have:

When deploying multiple resources to Kubernetes, it is often challenging to keep track of all the resources, image tags, and environment variables distributed across multiple manifest files. To address this issue, manifest templating tools such as Kustomize and Helm exist, simplifying large, complex manifest files to templates with customization available through values.yaml. This provides flexibility with a single template across multiple environments (e.g., QA, staging, production), with changes configured via the values.yaml file. Additionally, it offers ease-of-use for end-users to deploy into any new environment with just a single command.

Congratulations, @krishnaduttpanchagnula! You have won $1,000!

The third place goes to:

When you embrace immutability, you eliminate the risk of unintentional changes or misconfigurations that could introduce security weaknesses. It's like putting a protective force field around your containers, shielding them from any potential harm.

By adhering to a strict policy of not modifying running containers, you create a stable and secure environment for your applications to thrive, leaving hackers scratching their heads and wondering how to get past your impenetrable defense.

You have won $500, @z3nch4n!

Congratulations again to all the winners of the DevOps Writing Contest! Here are the next steps to claim your prize:

  • Please contact and using the email ID attached to the winner's Hackernoon account.
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  • You will receive your winnings in 2-4 weeks after filling out the form.

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