The Crypto Trading Writing Contest by BYDFi: Winner Announced!

25 Jan 2024

Greetings! BYDFi and HackerNoon bring you the first-ever Crypto Trading Writing Contest. The contest was held on November 15th, 2023, until the extended deadline of December 31st, 2023. Our nominees have successfully shared their experiences, analyses, and approaches to navigating the crypto markets, and entered the chance to win 1000 USDT. We thank you all for participating in the contest and making it a success. We appreciate your participation!!!

Cheers to the AMAZING HackerNoon Community

The Crypto Trading Writing Contest: Finalists

For selecting the nominations, we picked all the stories with the #crypto-tradingor #cryptocurrency-trading tag on HackerNoon, published from November to the end of December. Then, we chose the top stories weighing in the following factors:

  1. Number of hours read
  2. The number of people reached
  3. Relevance to the topics shared by the sponsor. See the contest’s writing prompt here.

Without further ado, here’s the list of final 10 nominees:

  1. This Is How I Teach Crypto Trading to Non-Technical Friends by @induction.
  2. A Post-Capitalist Critique of Cryptoeconomics by @delegate0x.
  3. The State of Crypto Regulation in 2023 by @ilinskii.
  4. Navigating Crypto: Crafting a Successful Trading Philosophy by @cryptoengineer.
  5. Ready-Made Algorithmic Trading Bots vs. Building One From Scratch: Things You Should Know by @techlooter.
  6. Crypto Market’s Going Up Again. Time to Pause the Revolution by @MarkHelfman.
  7. Anticipate Bullish or Bearish Movements in Bitcoin's Price With These 11 Chart Patterns by @ssaurel.
  8. Crypto Roundup: Bitcoin is a Constant in a World of Drama by @ulriklykke.
  9. The Crypto Dilemma Explored: Gamble or Golden Path to Success? by @normbond.
  10. From Crypto Trader to Dashboard Creator by @totalprofit.

🏆 …and the winner of the Crypto Trading Writing Contest is:

While some fundamental investors are very critical of trading patterns as being nothing more or less than astrology, this is wrong in my opinion. If the charts of an asset's evolution are not magical in themselves, the way the human mind will interpret and react to these charts can be predicted in a more refined way.

This is where the study of human behavior I mentioned in the preamble comes into its own. It is the psychology of human beings that plays a major role in determining how markets will evolve. Since human behavior is mostly the same, you can define more or less precise strategies after having identified certain chart patterns.

Excellent story, @ssaurel! You have won $1000 in USDT.

Here are the next steps to claim your prize:

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