The DevOps Writing Contest by Aptible: Round 4 Winners Announced!

31 Dec 2023

Happy Holidays, Hackers! We are happy to be back with another winner announcement of the DevOps Writing Contest by Aptible and HackerNoon! For those who are reading about the DevOps Writing Contest for the first time - HackerNoon and Aptible bring you an exciting opportunity to showcase your expertise with a $3,000 prize pool for the top 3 #DevOps stories in each round.

Need ideas to write? You can write anything related to DevOps. We are interested in reading about the challenges in implementing the DevOps infrastructure and how you deal with them. Click on this template for more details.

Those who regularly participate in the contest - your active participation has made this contest a success! We have published hundreds of DevOps stories so far, generating days of reading time. This couldn’t happen without your contribution. All the best!

Those who are trying to win the contest by using AI-generated content, plagiarism, or buying bot traffic, we will find out and disqualify you 😇

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The DevOps Writing Contest: Round 4 Finalists

For selecting the nominations, we picked all the stories with the #devops tag on HackerNoon, published in November. Then, we chose the top stories weighing in the following factors:

  1. Number of hours read
  2. The number of people reached
  3. The originality of the content
  4. Relevance to the topics shared by the sponsor. See the contest’s writing prompt here.

Here’s the list of the Round 4 finalists:

  1. How to Sell A Technical Debt From a DevOps Perspective? by @goal23.
  2. Getting Started With Aptible to Deploy Your First Secure Containerized Application by @emmanuelohaba.
  3. Remarkable Shift From Monolith to Microservices - Empowered by AI-Driven DevOps by @induction.
  4. How to Structure Your K8s GitOps Repository at Scale [Part 1] by @sturgelose.
  5. Serverless NestJS Automation on AWS Lambda by @elegantly.
  6. Networking: How Useful is pyATS in NetDevOps? by @verlainedevnet.
  7. PaaS: Aptible vs Heroku by @aahil.
  8. Bon Appétit: An Introduction to CI/CD and DevSecOps With a Delicious Bakery Story by @z3nch4n.
  9. Spring Boot on Choreo: Connecting a Database by @jaadds.
  10. Telecom's AI Revolution: How Predictive Analytics Optimizes CI/CD Pipelines by @pavanai.

Round 4 Winners of The DevOps Writing Contest by Aptible

The winner story this month is:

Kustomizations are mostly based on layering and creating different variants.

This means that for each unique combination, I need a Kustomization file that aggregates all the different services. You might already be imagining multiple folders with a single kustomization file aggregating that unique combination for a specific platform component.

Well deserved, @sturgelose! You have won 1500!

In the second place, we have:

Serverless deployment of a NestJS application involves careful configuration, resource management, and integration of various components. By following the steps and configurations described in this guide, you can build and deploy scalable, efficient, and maintainable serverless applications on AWS Lambda.

Wow - your first story on HackerNoon, @elegantly, and it has won a contest! You have bagged $1000 and second place in the DevOps Writing Contest.

In the third place, we have:

In practice, we don’t commit sensitive details like database connection parameters in plain text. Since they’re in a repository, anyone with access to the repo could then change the database. Instead, we use environment variables as placeholders. We can set these variables in our local environment to get the values resolved properly.

Congratulations, @jaadds! You have won $500!

Here are the next steps to claim your prize:

  • Please contact and using the email ID attached to the winner's HackerNoon account.
  • We will validate your claim and share a form requesting your bank details for reward distribution.
  • You will receive your winnings in 2-4 weeks after filling out the form.

Please note that you must contact us within 60 days after the winners’ announcement date.

The HackerNoon writing contests primarily aim to celebrate quality content and recruit educational stories for our community. We congratulate all the finalists. However, the Editorial team can ban a writer and/or disqualify a story if we find any misconduct like plagiarism, use of AI, copyright infringement, or disinformation.

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