The Defi Writing Contest: Round 2 Results Announced!

25 Oct 2022

Heyo Hackers! The Round 2 results announcement of The DeFi Writing Contest by SORA & HackerNoon is FINALLY Here!

The rewards for this contest will be distributed in XSTUSD. Here’s a complete guideline for you to get acquainted with XSTUSD.

Without further ado, let’s see who won:

The Defi Writing Contest: Round 2 Nominees

Like all other contests, we pick our winners by selecting the top 10 story submissions using 60:30:10 weightage respectively to:

  • Number of hours read
  • The number of people reached
  • The freshness of the content

The HackerNoon’s editorial team then vote, picking the top three stories among them and deciding which order to place the winners.

The Defi Writing Contest by SORA: Round 2 Winners

Here are the Top 10 nominees:

  1. A Short Guide to DeFi and The Metaverse: What is it and Why Should You Care? by @nonamec3po
  2. The Native Stabila Crypto Wallet by @digitec
  3. Is It Worth It to Invest In Tech Right Now? by @devinpartida
  4. How Crypto Is Changing The Gig Economy by @Gautam
  5. Generating Passive Income Through Filecoin Staking by @shounak
  6. Is the Bear Market a Blessing for the Wise? by @moderneremite
  7. DeFi May Save The World Financially by @mashacryptoprlab
  8. Perpetual Swaps - Origins in CEX, with a Future in DeFi! by @mickey-maler
  9. DeFi Without Defiance. An Ode to Lost Crypto Culture by @kellanjansen
  10. Ownership, Authenticity and Cloning of NFTs for the Greater Good by @dfxluna

In the first place we have:

“As much as I dislike the current implementations of NFTs, they do accomplish one thing better than almost any other format has: artists get paid. Modern artists have to jump through so many hoops to get paid, and anything from shilling sponsorships to farming ad revenue or selling "fans only" content is on the table. Most of these methods leverage the artist's reputation and audience engagement as the product being sold rather than the art itself.”

Congratulations @dfxluna! You have won 2500 XSTUSD!

The second place is won by:

“Bear markets give us time to look back at recent trends without the bias of emotion and information. We can conduct a ‘post-mortem’ analysis to look for common traits and mechanisms. The subject of our analysis should not be only the project or trend, but also the psychology of ‘investors’ and their market behaviours.”

Congratulations @moderneremite! You have won 1500 XSTUSD.

In the third place, we have:

“The creator economy, emerging online trends, and new crypto economies are pioneering more opportunities for creators to capitalize. Various platforms, protocols, and digital marketplaces are all competing for the attention of users and the creativity they provide. This is spearheading a high level of independence and entrepreneurial mindset, especially within the younger digital-native Gen Z generation. Crypto economies are shaping the future of work for the next generations of creator economy participants.“

Yay, @Gautam! You’ve won 1000 XSTUSD.

Congratulations y’all! You can check out XSTUSD use cases here.

We will contact all the winners shortly. For updates, keep an eye on!

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