The Velo Writing Contest: Final Announcement

29 Sept 2021

Heyo Coders! As promised, we are here with the final announcement of the Velo Writing Contest Winners! Those who've heard about it for the first time and wanna know more about it - YOU ARE TOO LATE BECAUSE THE CONTEST IS CLOSED NOW.

But we should applaud the fact that such competitions are happening, and we REALLY appreciate our media partner Wix to bring rewards to our AMAZING writer community. Also, there are a couple of ongoing writing contests, such as the Decentralized Internet Writing Contest and Gaming Metaverse Contest! Do check these out.

Shoutout to the HackerNoon-Wix Partnership

The Velo writing contest is sponsored by Wix, the premier website building tool. We partnered to give $2500 in prize money to the best submissions, each round throughout the competition. If you want to have a look at previous announcements, here are the round one and round two winners.

Velo Writing Contest Rules

We selected the stories published with the #build-velo-web-app tag on HackerNoon that received the highest views. From those stories, editors voted the best stories based on the quality of the writing and presentation of the Velo project throughout the story. This time we've picked two winners.

The Final Round Results

So here are the winning stories:

Building a Heritage Trees Registry with Velo by @ritwik has won the first prize!

With the prospect of registering thousands of trees and the memories we share with them, I knew that this was a complex and dynamic project which requires a flexible platform. Luckily, my experience with Wix and the Velo integrated development environment (IDE) made me know almost instantly that Velo would be the right fit. With Velo, a project such as this Heritage Trees Registry can be spread at a global level and not stay limited to serve only the memories of our city in the Himalayan foothills.

Congratulations Ritwik, you've won $2000!

We've awarded consolation prize to How to Build Your Own Booking Platform with Velo by @brendanjohnson

I often hear from people saying Velo can't do things that other coding languages can. However, I believe that with a wealth of experience, knowledge, creativity, dedication, and research into the Velo documentation, you will find that Velo is a very diverse language with many opportunities for ingenuity and development. While custom solution have their time and place, WIX offers a simple and flexible way to create a striking web application in a fraction of the time by taking out all of the CSS.

Yay Brendan Johnson, you've won $500!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Contact to claim your prizes.

Au Revoir

Till we meet again!