The Future of Finance Writing Contest 2022: Final Results Announcement!

15 Sept 2022

Hackers, Assemble! Here we are with the final results announcement of the Future of Finance Writing Contest! HackerNoon and Bricktrade bought this fantastic opportunity for y'all to write about the future of finance and win from a $6,000 prize pool!

Before sharing the final results, let’s have a round of applause for the HackerNoon community for making this contest a HUGE success! We received some really good stories on web3 property, prop tech, crowdfunding, real estate fractionalization, real estate tokenization, and virtual real estate.

The Future of Finance Writing Contest: Top 10 Nominations

First, we picked all the stories tagged #Future-of-Finance on HackerNoon, published in August 2022!

Then we picked the top 10 stories giving 60:30:10 weightage respectively to:

  • Number of hours read
  • Number of people reached
  • Freshness of the content

Here is the list of our top 10 nominees:

  1. Real Estate Tokenization Guide: How Does it Work? by @strateh76
  2. The 7 Craziest Financial Stories of 2021: Investing in Nothing by @strateh76
  3. Real Estate in the Metaverse is Booming: is it Really Such a Crazy Idea? by @strateh76
  4. Tech, Co-investment Lowering Homeownership Barriers in Dismal Housing Market by @craiglebrau
  5. 10 Predictions About the Future of Finance by @mcsee
  6. Radically Democratic Business and Finance by @deranian
  7. GDR vs. BDR vs. ADR: A Poem by @singularpoet
  8. DeFi: The Future Of Real Estate Financing by @victorfabusola
  9. Journey to the Future of Finance by @oliveremeka
  10. Aremu Adebisi on Tech Writing, the Future of Finance, and 2022 Noonies Nomination by @antagonist


Finally, the winners are decided through editor’s voting (as usual). However, this time there’s one small (BIG!) difference - we asked editors to share why they voted for the story!

Here are the winners of the Final Round:

In the FIRST place, we have The 7 Craziest Financial Stories of 2021: Investing in Nothing by @strateh76

“It’s A well researched article that could serve as a good starting point for readers trying to plot major happenings in finance last year.” - HackerNoon Editor

Congratulations, @strateh76! You have won 1000 USDT

The SECOND place goes to 10 Predictions About the Future of Finance by @mcsee

This is @mcsee’s attempt to write out of his comfort zone, as the writer mentions at the end of the story:

Note: I usually just write technical articles. But I am committed to writing one monthly piece out of my comfort zone.

Congratulations @mcsee, your attempt has been fruitful! You’ve won 600 USDT this month.

In the THIRD place, we have Radically Democratic Business and Finance by @deranian

I loved the story. well-researched, well-written opinion piece with interesting examples and stories to explain different terminologies. This is how the writer explained ‘externalities’:

“As I wrote in aprevious article, when individuals and organizations (including companies) act primarily in their own interest, they will tend to engage in behavior that is beneficial to them, but harmful to others. A simple example is litter: if I don’t feel like properly disposing of, say, my candy wrapper, I may just drop it on the floor. I have then externalized the problem of what to do with my trash. Either someone else will pick it up, or it will find its way into some natural ecosystem and pollute it. Either way, it’s “not my problem” (or so I think). Companies do the same sort of thing, at a much larger scale, either deliberately or through negligence.”

The writer discusses the problems like climate change and financial inequality that hit home. The solution proposed is quite intriguing. - HackerNoon Editor

Congratulations@deranian, on winning 300 USDT!!

The HackerNoon team thanks our sponsor Bricktrade and the whole HackerNoon community for another successful contest. Congratulations to all the winners again! We will contact y'all soon. Keep an eye on - thousands of dollars are up for grabs every month.