The Crypto Trading Writing Contest: Submission Deadline Extended!

13 Dec 2023

Great news for the HackerNoon community - The submission deadline for the Crypto Trading Writing Contest has been extended till December 31st! This means we have 15 more days to submit the crypto trading stories to win 1000 USDT. Those who have already submitted their entries - you have more time to promote your stories and get more eyeballs đź‘€

There have been reports of using bot traffic to get more reads, and we are closely observing such cases.

What is the Crypto Trading Writing Contest?

Reading about the contest about the contest for the first time, Here are the details - BYDFi and HackerNoon bring you the Crypto Trading Writing Contest. This is your chance to win 1000 USDT by sharing a crypto trading story with the HackerNoon community. Whether you're an experienced trader with battle-tested strategies or a novice with unique perspectives, your story matters.

  1. Write a story on anything relevant to crypto trading.

  2. Add the #crypto-trading or cryptocurrency-trading tag to your story, and submit.

Here are a few topics suggested by the sponsor:

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Decentralization for the win! Happy writing.