The #crypto-api Writing Contest by CoinGecko and HackerNoon

18 Apr 2024

Greetings, Hackers!

As always, the HackerNoon team wants to help you get rewarded for your niche insights, subject matter expertise, and writing skills.

In light of this, we’re pleased to announce the inaugural #crypto-api Writing Contest - brought to you by CoinGecko and HackerNoon!

We invite builders, innovators, and all participants in the cryptocurrency industry to share their insights on cryptocurrency data APIs and stand a chance to win big from a $1000 prize pool.

Whether you're discussing the value of cryptocurrency data APIs, highlighting industry leaders like the CoinGecko API, offering tutorials, sharing integration experiences, exploring use cases, or related topics, we want to hear from you!

Need some more ideas to get started?

Important Contest Information

  • Submissions open: April 18, 2024
  • Submissions close: July 18, 2024 - 11 pm EST
  • Total prize pool: $1000 (3 winners)

About CoinGecko API

The #crypto-api Writing Contest is sponsored by CoinGecko API – access crypto price, market data, metadata, and on-chain DEX data from the world's most reliable, accurate, and comprehensive cryptocurrency data API. Tracking 2.4M+ cryptocurrencies across 140 networks and 1,000 DEXes, CoinGecko API is trusted by thousands of industry leaders, including Metamask, Etherscan, Chainlink, and more.

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The #crypto-api Writing Contest Rules & Guidelines

  • Must be 18+ to enter.​
  • Story content can be any original story on #crypto-api.​
  • Must create a HackerNoon account, as winners will be contacted via email.​

Who Can Enter the Contest?​

Anyone over the age of 18. There are no location restrictions.

Can I Write Under a Pen Name?

Yes! You can use your real name on your HackerNoon profile, a fake name, or even create a persona to write under.

How Long Will the Contest Run?​

The contest with run for 3 months, starting on April 18, 2024, and ending on Jul 18, 2024.

Can I submit more than one entry to the contest?

Of course. Each story submission shall be considered a new entry into the writing contest.

How are the winners selected?

  • After 3 months, we’ll shortlist and announce the top 10 story submissions that receive the most eyeballs (real humans, not bots!).
  • Next, the shortlisted stories will be voted on by HackerNoon staff.
  • The top 3 stories with the most votes will be crowned as winners.

Remember, the sooner you submit your first story, the higher your chances of winning!

Start a draft, or use this template to enter the #crypto-api writing contest.