Share Your #Ecommerce Story and Win from $1,000!

13 Jan 2023

Elastic Path and HackerNoon bring you the web-development and ecommerce writing contest! This writing prompt is for the eCommerce enthusiasts - from developers and architects to product managers, engineers and more! Now is the chance to share your knowledge and expertise on eCommerce. Publish your story on HackerNoon for a chance to win from $1,000!

Share your #eCommerce story!

The eCommerce industry is vast, catering to everyone from global enterprises to mom-and-pop shops. What does eCommerce mean to you?  Write any story that speaks to your experiences, frustrations, and predictions.

Some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Tips for eCommerce web development and design
  2. Thoughts on eCommerce architecture and API implementation
  3. How to maximize customer engagement and product discoverability
  4. Ecommerce logistics from shipping to fulfillment
  5. Trending topics, from crypto, AI, and security, to SEO, social selling, and VR/AR

Use this prompt to enter the eCommerce writing contest.